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Ahmed al hamed began as general works contractor in 2011. Over the years, the group has undertaken many

Ahmed al hamed began as general works contractor in 2011. Over the years, the group has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in design and build solutions, project management services and related engineering works. We prepare shop drawings according to the site conditions and we have a team for      preparation of drawings. In mechanical jobs it is again divided into following contents:

  • Installation of pipe lines
  • Pipe line installation includes supply of with specialized components such as normal and motorized valves, air separators, strainers etc on the piping network. We works in black steel pipe line and fittings, stainless steel piping, carbon steel piping, with all grades and different schedules,
  • We already proven our experience in chilled water lines, process cooling and chiller lines, thermal oil lines, gas lines with various types of specified materials. Underground piping for any purpose including sewage lines also being laid with approved standards. Our fabrication and fit up team are experienced and well skilled with the welders of approved testing certificates of TIG, MIG and 6G standards. Our job standards are approved and quality checked by professional testing team including third party.

  • We are undertaking PVC, UPVC and PPR pipelines for machine connections and sanitary works for residential and industrial buildings.
  • Fuel line connections for equipment such as absorption chillers, generators and boilers also carried out with high standard quality materials up to class 6000.
  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • We are already into the installation of air ducts for HVAC systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Our engineering team prepares the air flow calculations and drawings to suit with the required works. Our duct factory can fabricate and our team of installation together produces our ducts required for different projects.

  • Ahmed al hamed executes the installation of all type of chillers such as absorption type, electrical chillers and other refrigeration equipment
  • In our projects we had erected all sizes of cooling towers, heat exchangers and related equipment’s
  • Installation of different types of AC including split, split packages, concealed duct type and also central air conditioning system of AHU and FCU

  • Insulation jobs
  • Our team of insulation works is experienced for making insulations for pipelines with glass wool and rock wool types wherever it requires.

  • For the air ducts and exhaust ducts we install glass wool type insulations with proper adhesives and materials.
  • We do insulation works for hot and cold as well including thermal oil lines, boiler lines etc.
  • Installation and services for equipment


Installation and commissioning of equipment is in our field of experience including generators, all types of chillers, bigger capacity cooling towers, compressors ,heat exchangers, boilers etc

Installation of chillers in big project already success with different type of chillers such as absorption type and electrical operated. In addition, we manufacture and install exhaust-ducting solutions for boilers, generators, absorption chillers etc. including insulation which required for the purposes.

  • Fire fighting systems
  • We install, commission the pipeline systems for firefighting projects including pumping systems. The media includes water, foam and latest fire extinguishing solutions.

  • Groove and thread type piping and fittings are used in all our systems and the complete system is tested with air and water with recommended testing pressures.
  • Moreover, we are now able to develop concepts for new projects, evaluate the customer’s needs, design the installation, procure cost estimates and provide project management through a “turnkey” contract.

  • We jointly working with multinational group of companies whose guaranteed design and services brings to your table for future projects and these service ranging from Manufacturing industries, Food processing, residential villas and many more.

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